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Our Mission

We offer edible printing within the UK and Europe.

Our priority is you the customer and making sure you receive exactly what you order, our second priority is to make sure your order is packaged to make it to you as if you’d printed it yourself.

We print up to A3 with prices starting at £3.99 ( A4 Wafer paper ) to £8.99 ( A3 icing sheet)
We cover all orders from a single order to bulk orders (we can offer discounts for bulk orders) for corporate events, every order is treated the same giving top quality from print to post.

We now offer Stand up toppers for cupcakes printed on 0.7mm edible wafer card up to 15 images per A4 sheet, perfect for children’s birthdays. Our current most popular designs being Fortnite and LOL Surprise Dolls. Only £3.99 per A4 sheet.

We print the latest trend of cocktail toppers on pre-cut icing 30 x 1.5 inch or the most popular size we sell 15 x 2 inch, perfect for pubs, clubs and restaurants, have your company name or logo floating on a cocktail when you serve. Also perfect the home party, print any image and stand out above the rest. £4.99 per A4 sheet ( discount on orders over 50 sheets and larger discount on 100 sheets plus )



Wafer Paper

Wafer paper is Stiff and Slightly Transparent and the colour is not as vibrant as it would be if it was printed on a fondant icing sheets. Wafer paper as a rule holds it shape well unless it is exposed to a lot of moisture especially if the icing you are placing it on is too wet.

Common ingredients are dehydrated potato starch, oil, and water.

Fondant Icing

Fondant icing sheets also known as Frosting sheets are layers of icing which are pressed thinly onto backing sheets. Icing Fondant sheets have good reasonable flexibility and are not transparent like wafer paper, but care must be taken when peeling the backing off. Unlike wafer paper icing sheets are less likely to be affected by moisture.

Ingredients are generally derived from tapioca or cornstarch, with added sugar and gums.

Price varies from Wafer at £3.99 per sheet and Icing at £8.99 per sheet